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Beaches  is very much a family business and lessons learned in the kitchen "with Dad" are very much part of everyday life in our kitchen today.  

Our great loves are food and travel, a combination which enables us to explore the world with a mission, which is to find great food simply cooked, using ingredients local to the area .  So from lobster shacks on the Maine coast to street food on the Californian coast, a beautifully cooked lunch presented by Madame in a shady courtyard in Southern France or a wonderful paella in a beachside cafe on a small spanish island, and a memorable hot pot dish in "real China" these experiences amongst other memorable ones, all influence the way we cook and serve our food.  We still have places to go and food to taste but we will always look forward to bringing back what we have learned, to our kitchen, and to using the wonderful ingredients the North East of England has to offer  serving our customers innovative tastes of Northumberland infused with subtle world influences  in our small cosy dining room where, it seems, the unique dinner party atmosphere on a busy summers evening turns strangers into friends.

We are still learning lessons in our kitchen and Jack and Joan still make an appearance, but it is more likely to relax at a table and try a sample of today's special than to join the hustle and bustle behind the scenes

Beaches is like a breath of fresh sea air in this corporate world where restaurants tread the "what’s in fashion now" path, we choose to stroll a different slower route and invite you to join us..

Don't expect linen napkins quiet whsipers and posh plates, Do expect great tastes, a relaxed evening out and of course a friendly welcome.


A covenant on our building precludes us from  from selling alcoholic beverages, although  we are happy for you to bring along your own wines beers etc (£2/corkage)  We do of course sell soft drinks


Way back in 1955,  Jack aged 28 and his new bride Joan, left their Northumberland village and went on a big adventure, travelling to New York, then to Connecticut Jack began what was to be a life long career in the food industry, Moving back to the North East of England with a young family this husband and wife team opened and ran a successful restaurant in Alnmouth for 30 years and such was the huge influence their passion for food had on the next generation that all but one now have successful careers as food providers.

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